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    Keynotes & Panels

    • Keynote: How did I Get Here? My Journey to Making It in Hollywood as a Full-Time Director with Valentina Vee

    • Keynote: Marketing in the Age of Disruption with Anthony Shop

    • Connecting the World with Storytelling with Elia Locardi

    • Keynote: Tech Meets Tough: How to Gear Up for the Unexplored Earth with Nat Geo Explorer and Dell Ambassador Mike Libecki

    • All Star Panel: Making the Transition: How to Turn Your Passions Into a Career

    • All Star Panel: How to Tell Visual Stories

    • All Star Panel NFTs How Photographers and Artists can Monetize their Work Part 1

    • All Star Panel NFTs How Photographers and Artists can Monetize their Work Part 2

    • Uncommon Grit Life Lessons from Darren “McB” McBurnett, Navy SEAL Ret Warrior turned photographer—why you may never look at photography the same

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    • Using Flash for Location Portraiture with Piet Van den Eynde

    • Save Time Editing Your Photos with the Power of Artificial Intelligence with Vanelli

    • Get Closer Backyard Macro Photography with Nicole S Young

    • Get Things Done in Photoshop with Dave Cross

    • Build a Photography Business Shooting Property with Serge Ramelli

    • Putting Photos in Motion with Plotaverse with Troy Plota

    • Capturing Beautiful Cityscapes with Serge Ramelli

    • Posing People for Perfect Portraits with Jeremy Chan

    • Controlling the Light: The Secret to Better Photos with Vanelli

    • How to Capture BADASS Action Shots with Michele Grenier

    • A Deep Dive Into Lenses: How to Get the Shot with Kevin Ames

    • Life and Business Lesson Learned on My Photographic Journey with Nicole S Young

    • Find Any Photo thanks to the Power of AI and Excire with Frederick van Johnson

    • How I Learned to Love Artificial Intelligence as a Pro Photographer with Elia Locardi

    • Get the Most from an iPhone for Photography: ProRaw, HDR and More with RIch Harrington

    • The Power of Composition: Move Beyond the Rule of Thirds with Jeremy Chan

    • Local Heroes’ (Local Adjustment Tool tricks in Lightroom) with Piet Van den Eynde

    • How to Get Rid of Anything in Photoshop with Dave Cross

    • On-The-Go Portrait Editing on Lightroom Mobile with Kristina Sherk

    • Adding Detail to Your Photos with Creative Texture Blending with Matt Kloskowski

    • Create Amazing Wildlife Photos with Matt Kloskowski

    • Why We Retouch Skin with Kristina Sherk

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    • 10 Ways to Get More Views on Youtube with Andrew Ford

    • From Style Frame to Broadcast: Designing a TV Show Animation with Corey Barker

    • Premiere Pro Cheat Codes (Getting Things Done) with Rich Harrington

    • Fix it in Post: After Effects to the Rescue with Eran Stern

    • What Does It Take To Be a Director with Valentina Vee

    • Travel Vlogging and Blogging: Lessons Learned on the Road with Juliana Broste

    • Unlocking Amazing Color with Premiere Pro with Rich Harrington

    • Watch My Video! Organic Ways to Go Viral with Andrew Ford

    • A Primer on 360 Virtual Reality with Nick Harauz

    • Your First After Effects Project with Eran Stern

    • Essential Gear for Remote Video Productions with Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Vlogging 101: Mastering the Art of the Video Selfie with Juliana Broste

    • Capturing Pro Quality Video with an iPhone with Nick Haruaz

    • Final Cut Pro Cheat Codes (Get Things Done) with Nick Harauz

    • Top Quality Social Media Content in Minutes with George Edmonson, MotionVFX

    • Engaging Stories: Creative Approaches for Nonfiction Video with Amy DeLouise

    • How to Make Money with Your Drone with Luisa Winters

    • Insider Tips for Optimizing Your Video for Youtube and Facebook with Douglas Spotted Eagle

    • Creating Cinematic Timelapse Photography, bridging the photo and video gap with Drew Geraci

    • QUICK START: Stream Like a Pro with Doug Daulton

    • Broadcast Quality Live Streams with the Blackmagic ATEM Switcher with PhotoJoseph

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    Business/Social Media

    • Contracts for Creatives: Don't Get Burned with Seth Polansky

    • Don’t Get Sued: What You Don’t Know about Intellectual Property Can Hurt You with Seth Polansky

    • How to Get Clients for Video Projects with Rod Harlan

    • Own Your City: Using Local SEO to Get More Clients for Free with Nate Torres

    • From Hobby to Full time How to Make a Living from your Photography with Michele Grenier

    • Barter Your Way Through a Project with Josh Klein, HaveNeed

    • Q&A With a Pro: Growing Your Following in 2021 with Bethany Gayton, TSMA

    • Create a Personal Webiste Fast with Adobe Portfolio with Chris Converse

    • Level Up: How to Grow Your Creative Business with Amy DeLouise

    • My Business Has Disappeared: Now What?(Getting Back on Track) with SKip Cohen

    • Create a Page to Capture Leads for your Social Posts with Adobe Spark with Chris Converse

    • You're Hired: How to Land a Creative Job with Kick-Butt Interview with Rich Harrington

    • How to be a Professional Podcaster with Frederick Van Johnson

    • How to Work with Brands and Start Getting PAID with Nicki Sun

    • Website = Sales Blog = Passion Why You Need Both with Skip Cohen

    • Why Building a Community is the the Key to Success with Frederick Van Johnson

    • Understanding How Keywords Work and How to Drive Massive Traffic with Nate Torres

    • Building a Video Demo Reel that Gets You Work with Rod Harlan

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The Visual Storytelling Conference is a multi-day, multi-track, hybrid training conference featuring immersive, engaging content with experienced photographers and content creators in the field. Sessions will include training in photography, video, business, and social media.

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