Course curriculum

  • 02

    How Humans See Color

  • 03

    How Digital Cameras Record Color

    • RGB Explained

    • The Impact of Bit Depth on Color

    • How File Compression (RAW vs. JPEG) Affects Color

    • Choosing a Working Color Space

    • Color Correcting Without Color Reference

  • 04

    Color By the Numbers

    • Color by the Numbers

    • Using Color Reference Charts When Shooting

    • Reference Charts for Perfect Exposures in Photoshop

    • Setting a Custom White Balance on Set

    • Dealing with Color Cast in Lightroom

    • Reference Charts for Perfect Exposures in Lightroom

    • Sharpening & Lens Corrections in Lightroom

  • 05

    Color Management in Post Production

  • 06

    Printer Calibration

  • 07

    Color for the Web and Online Proofing

    • Selecting the Right Color Settings for Websites

    • Bit Depth for the Web

    • The Effects of Web Compression on Color

  • 08


    • Next Steps