Course curriculum

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  • 02

    Core Technology for Video Graphics

  • 03

    Broadcast-Safe Issues

    • Choosing the right anti-aliasing method for text and lines

    • Maintaining broadcast-safe color

    • Maintaining broadcast-safe luminance levels

    • Reading Scopes in a NLE

    • Achieving proper contrast in video graphics

    • Designing for black-and-white and color-blind viewing

  • 04

    Setting Up Photoshop for a Video Workflow

    • Configuring a Photoshop workspace for video projects

    • Configuring Photoshop preferences for video workflows

    • Using video templates in Photoshop

    • Building custom EBU-safe titles in Photoshop

    • Building custom SMPTE-safe titles in Photoshop

    • Exporting reference frames from a NLE

    • Sizing a photo for a video project

    • Sizing a logo for a video project and creating an alpha channel

    • Creating a photograph alpha channel for video

    • Saving a Photoshop file for a NLE or motion graphics system

  • 05

    Setting Up Illustrator for a Video Workflow

  • 06


    • Next steps