Course curriculum

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  • 02

    Dandelion Type Effect - Explode text to dozens of seeds

    • Deciding on mood, story and typeface

    • Modifying the timing with time remap

    • Tracking the text to the motion of the video

    • Animating the text using offset

    • Scattering the type with Pixel Polly

    • Adding Glow

    • Duplicating a second title

    • Rotoscoping using the RotoBrush

  • 03

    Floating Type - Create a liquid text simulation

    • Studying the footage and plan the animation

    • Designing a title using text and shape layers

    • Designing the title using shape layers

    • Creating a displace source

    • Water effect using caustics

    • Moderate the distortion

    • Isolating the bottle using color range

    • Ripple effect transition

  • 04

    Perspective Match - Attach type to guitar neck

    • Analyzing the shot and design the titles

    • Planner tracking using Mocha AE

    • Pasting the tracking data

    • Creating a fluorescent blinking effect

    • Preparing a blur map

    • Matching the focus with Camera Lens Blur

    • Rotoscoping fingers using masks

  • 05

    Hot Spot Type - Add graphics to runner steps

    • Examining the footage and planning the animation

    • Camera tracking preparations setup

    • Adding titles across Z space

    • Animating titles and setting timing

    • Adding contact shadows and light

    • Creating pulse effect using radio waves

    • Placing pulses under a runner's steps

    • Masking the runner using Color Range

  • 06


    • What's next